Positive energy since 1945

Light is energy, heat, life This is the direction in which we have been working, since 1945, with passion and a desire to innovate. a background that started in the immediate postwar period, at Marostica, and that now finds us all over the world.


This is the core business of our company:  products, systems, solutions to control electrical energy.  But it is also our philosophy:  energy, positive vision and a desire to improve, always offering the best in terms of product quality and cooperation with our partners on the market.  A characteristic that has always distinguished us and has let us grow to our current size.

Partnership with the market

This has always been the key to our success:  to respond to the market in the first place you need to be able to listen to it.  We do it in all our activities, from product design to Customer support.  A relationship that is about being near, sharing and cooperating, to grow day by day with those who place their trust in us.


There is no growth without innovation.  But there is no identity without tradition.  We have always believed in the balance between these two factors, offering solutions with solid roots in technology and design.

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Quality has so many nuances

Product quality has always been our core business. And Customer satisfaction our aim.


Quality has always been our core business.  Every product, from the simplest plug to the most complex home automation system, is tested before leaving the factory.  Not by sampling, as required by the standards, but one by one, as required by our attention to the safety of all the users of our products:  a fundamental concern for those who, as we, work in the field of electricity.


To reach primary objectives such as Customer satisfaction, safety and respect for workers and the environment, the company uses a quality management system according to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and an environmental management system, according to the international standard EN ISO 14001:2004.


But our attention is turned not only to products and processes, our human assets have strategic importance too.  They are the subject of our work environment health and safety management system, certified OHSAS 18001:1999

Produzione by VimarControlli by Vimar

New housing styles

We have grown by interpreting the evolution of the housing styles of a society undergoing fast transformation: from the simple electrical installation, which mainly needed safety, to modern home automation systems, which make technology a daily ally.

​Evolution of styles

The lighting points in our homes tell us about the evolution of our housing styles:  from the simple electrical installation we have moved on to modern home automation systems, which make technology a daily ally. In this way the lighting point is turned into a multifunctional interface that dialogues with the user.

Search for simplicity

The evolution of the demand has corresponded to more and more complex technological responses.  We participate in this process with our Research&Development people who work every day on new projects in the electro-technical and electronic fields and on the materials.  Always with a specific point of view:  the search for simplicity, to offer solutions that speak the language of their users, from both aesthetical and functional points of view.

Residential series

For the aesthetics of the lighting points we offer three different residential series, in many combinations for cover plate design and types of controls:  Eikon, Idea and Plana. And, for home automation, the By-me system.

PrototipazioneInterior design

Made in Italy

Today we continue manufacturing at Marostica, because we believe in the made-in-Italy style, combining aesthetical quality, technological innovation and simple installation.

From design to the ultimate test

Our products are entirely designed, developed, made and tested in our Marostica headquarters, where there is also general management, sales services and logistics From raw materials to packaging. Our production lines start directly from the raw materials.  Metals and technopolymers are transformed into components that will then be assembled and become finished products.  The whole process is supervised by a quality system:  in the design phase, regulatory requirements, functionality and reliability of the materials are the parameters of reference; while in the test phase each product is checked.

From the manufacturer to the distributor

The partnership with the distribution system is a strategic element for a modern company.  Our new logistics centre in Vicenza assures an excellent service for both domestic and international markets.


International presence

We are also present on the international scene, with production and assembly units for international markets and sales offices all over the world.


On the Italian market Vimar is the mark of reference in electrical supplies for the residential sector, with a great reputation with the end user and distribution on the whole national territory, in the tertiary sector it is present with dedicated systems.  The sales network has a capillary presence to guarantee timeliness, support and consulting for all the operators on the market.

International markets

The international market is covered by specific branches and production units for the Country and economic area of reference.  Vimar is present in Saudi Arabia, Chile, China, Greece, Mexico, Syria and Venezuela.  This international structure allows us to guarantee identical production quality in markets with different regulatory standards and styles of consumption.

Ships and Boats

In electrical supplies for ships and pleasure boats Vimar is world leader.  This confirms the quality of our production that is subject in this sector to particularly harsh environmental and working conditions, without forgetting the best in terms of design.

Presenza internazionale

Ethical Code

We clearly define the behaviors that are directed at all those working for and on behalf of the company. Principles that are shared and applied to directors, officers and employees, and which have guided the activities of the Company over time.

Vimar SpA hereby presents its corporate Ethical Code, an outline model for behaviour that is intended to guide the professional operations of all its collaborators. The motive behind this initiative is the desire to clearly and transparently define the system of values that inspires the company in realising its goals, and also to comply with the Italian Legislative Decree number 231/2001 concerning the administrative responsibilities of companies and public bodies.

This Ethical Code is based on Vimar SpA’s Principles of Conduct and Practice, which are collectively accepted and implemented by its administrators, its management and its employees, and which have guided the company’s activities over the years.

An ethical orientation is indispensable to assuring the reliability of Vimar’s actions within the overall civil and economic context in which it operates. This is why the definition and implementation of a corporate Code of Ethics is called for, because it provides a clear system of rules to be observed by everyone acting in the name of, or on behalf of, the company, whether within the company or in relation to external situations or persons.

Hence the present initiative, aimed at making this Code fully available to everyone in the company and to all those who do business with it.

Codice etico by VimarCodice etico by Vimar