About us

D&N LIPERTIS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, is a Limassol based company registered in 1995. We specialize in Electrical installations and have moved with the times into Home & Building Automation in corporation with Qatar Virtual.

Who we are

If you want to know about us, listen to the people who have chosen our services and products. We are a strong team of professionals who believe in giving the best to our customer with efficient, prompt and attentive service.

What we believe in

We want to create protected, comfortable environments through our electrical installations and the functionality of our products to our clients and foremost their families.

People And Values

For us, we contribute our success to those who have given their skills and professionalism in all aspects of electrical installations. With continuous training and a pleasant and stimulating work environment gives proof that people are our most precious asset.


Our company and showroom is located in the heart of Limassol.

Research & Development

We research all our projects to find the best products offered and at the best prices because we see each and everyone of our customers as unique.


We believe that quality plays a big role in the building of a company, thus all materials used in our electrical installations are of the highest standards.

How we work

Above all we work with passion and dedication in all aspects.


We prepare the electrical drawings for each installation and automation project.


We commit time and energy in finding new ways of in solving all difficult projects. The advice we give is taking into account the latest technological aspects required.


We explain all aspects of the project to our client in the simplest of ways.


We are international recognised for our vast array of certifications, being for electrical installations or KNX consultancy and integration.

What we do

We find answers to all the unanswered questions that our clients might have. Thus reflecting a long history of expertise, commitment and passion for a chosen line of work.

Electrical Installations

From the starting plans we incorporate into each clients home all that is desired.

Home Automation Systems

We have given shape and life to ideas in order to ensure continual improvement in every lifestyle. All clients desires and needs are met in every way possible.

Building Automation Systems

Building automation system for control, comfort, efficiency and security / safety of buildings. Technologically advanced management of any building in the best way possible.

Marine Automation

We cater for all, being a yacht or a cruise vessel, we have aesthetic products to suit all tastes.